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Can Herpes Kill You?

Can herpes Kill You Over Time?

Recent Research is starting to show that the herpes virus can be blamed for many different illnesses and may answer the age old question, can herpes kill you?


Can Herpes Kill You?

Dr. Clyde Crumpacker of Harvard Medical School and Beth Israel Hospital in Boston, one of thousands of researchers currently battling the stubborn herpes organism, says “the five herpes viruses that infect human beings are now believed to cause more illness than any other group of viruses”. In 90% of Alzheimer cases portions of the herpes virus have been found in the brain cells.

New evidence also points to a link between the herpes virus and the deadly brain tumor cancer Glioblastoma. Two members of the herpes family are leading suspects in research efforts to prove that the herpes virus causes human cancers, including cancer of the cervix and prostrate.

Pieces of genetic material from genital herpes virus have been found in cancer cells of 40 to 50 percent of patients with cervical and prostrate cancer, another prominent research doctor. Dr. Rapp said. “One study showed that women who married men whose first wives had cervical cancer themselves faced a three-to-four-times increased risk of developing the disease”.

The herpes virus enters the cell and turns that cell into a viral factor destroying the cell’s proper function which many now believe could be one of the causes of many types of cancers.

We Are Getting Closer To Find The Answer to The Question Can Herpes Kill You?


Unless some way is found to control the epidemic of herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV1) and genital herpes (HSV2), which now affects one in five American adults, a dramatic increase is predicted in brain tumors, cervical abnormalities and cases of prostrate and cervical cancer. An apparent increase in early cases of cervical and prostrate cancer has already been noted by several Doctors and Gynecologists.

All five human herpes viruses have been shown in the laboratory to transform normal human cells into cancer cells, though proof that the viruses actually cause cancer in people is still being authenticated. Two nonhuman herpes viruses are already established causes of cancer in animals.

It is now being proven that the herpes virus is the cause of many cancers, Alzheimer and many other diseases. Therefore settling just to treat your Out-Breaks with medication is not enough. We must find ways to eliminate the virus from our system in order not to inherit its devastating long term effects.

Healthy cells are revived and restored to vitality in an oxygen-rich atmosphere. Find out what needs to be done and you shall be disease free in no time. You’ll finally have peace in your life. The movement of oxygen atoms from the bloodstream to the cells is aroused, bringing about an oxygen-rich environment.

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Can Herpes Kill You? The Answer Is Not Immediately But It Can Cause You Future Complications.

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